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Letter from a student

Avi and William.

I hope this finds all of you most well.
I want to drop you a line to thank each of you again for the excellent training I received during the Kapap Level 1 training course in Curacao February 2007.

From this training I felt that I had come away with a basic understanding of some of your advanced fighting techniques. While I enjoy rugby and keep myself in good shape I am certainly not a great hand at close quarters fighting. Your training gave me a strong sense of self control in stressed situations which I believe has been in-valuable.

Recently Helen and I were having a dinner party in our home with 3 guests, similar to the BBQ dinner we had with you in 2007. See attached photos. While sitting on the front porch after dinner 2 masked and armed men entered the house from the backyard and attempted to take over the house.

Your training played a major roll in reacting to the situation. Things like, line of fire, control of weapon, then control of assailant, were foremost in my mind, also that civilians should escape the killing zone at first opportunity, however soldiers must stay in it.  

I don’t think I did everything exactly as trained, however because of your outstanding training I was not overwhelmed, which allowed me to act fast and bring the attack to them, before they gained complete control. As a result the armed men turned and ran, and my guests escaped.

I have attached the local news article (in Papiamento). It is not a proper description of what happened as I says we were taken hostage, which we were not. Nonetheless the result was acceptable as no-one was hurt and the assailants only just escaped.

While I was working in South Africa in October 2009 a very good friend of mine was shot dead in very similar circumstances while having dinner at the home of couple I know in Johannesburg.

I am lost for words, and just wanted to sincerely thank you again for the exposure to these most valuable life saving skills.

It was my honor to meet you guys and I will certainly be attending another course.


Best best always,

-Paul Roberts