Moed is de bereidheid om angst te accepteren en toch te handelen.

Courage is to accept fear and still be able to react in the right way.

On Wednesday July 5th we start our new self defense course for women and on Thursday July 6th for men and women. We start at 18.00 hours. COME TO TRAIN AND BRING SOMEONE WITH YOU!!! Cost are ANG 15 for each class. You pay per class. So not all in one time!

Our headquarters Roodeweg 222 call 5181934 of more information or to book your classes!

For police, customs, coastguard, security, crowd control and the military we make custom made classes. These are made especially for the specific group.

We offer unarmed, but also armed. Baton, pepper spray and handguns. We offer shooting classes and how to tactically move in the specific environment.

For more information, please contact us.