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Kapap was not one System, but a mixture of rigorous physical conditioning, firearms and explosives training, radio communications, wilderness survival training and combat first aid. 
The Founder of the modern Israeli Martial Art of Kapap is Lt. Colonel Chaim Peer, a former member of the Elite Special Forces Unit Matkal in the Israeli Defense Forces (I.D.F.), who now teaches at Tel Aviv University. 
The System was first introduced to the West by Black Belt and Budo Magazines. Budo magazine made the first ever video about the System, taught by Major Avi Nardia, the International and Head Instructor for the System. 

Major Avi Nardia, the only Israeli to teach "Krav Maga" in the Israeli Army, "Hagana Hatzmit" at the Israeli Operational Police Academy was the Kapap Instructor for the "Yamam", the premiere counter terror unit in Israel. As one of the leading Israeli Close Quarter Battle CQB Instructors, he specializes in training Special Forces and counter terror units in military and law enforcement units all over the world. 


Kapap is unique for people who will be confronted with violence. Military, police, security personal. For this group we create a course that is tailor made for your needs. This course is evaluated on a regular base so we can provide the best and most modern way to handle arresting or controlling techniques. The so called choke hold is never used for police or security personal, because there are better and easier ways to control a person. For military personal there are other rules then for example correctional officers or bouncers. We provide free demos for the military and the law enforcement agencies. We can give seminars at your place or ours. The Kapap system is based on reality and we are always looking for improvements, so we can offer the latest and best techniques based on the safety and ease to use for the professional. Safety during training is one of our main goals.

For flying personal and people who can get into contact with violence we offer special courses.